Petrophysical Consulting Services

Petrophysical analysis integrating core and log dataWhether you are an oil and gas company engaged in exploration activities, or appraising a major discovery or in the middle of a field development campaign, or you are a small independent or an indigenous operator evaluating a number of marginal fields, we have a wide range of services for a variety of data-gathering, analysis and reporting requirements to suit your needs.

We provide comprehensive petrophysical consulting services covering all aspects of reservoir characterization:


Integrated Petrophysical Analysis:

  • Quantitative log interpretation: Quick-look to detailed single well analysis and integrated multi-well studies; using both deterministic and multi-mineral approaches.
  • Dedicated petrophysical support for reservoir modeling and rock physics studies.
  • New well evaluation and re-evaluations of legacy data.
  • Log processing and preparation:
    • Log editing, environmental corrections
    • Depth shifting, normalization
    • Log reconstruction in badhole or missing data intervals.
  • Shaly sand analysis.
  • Rock typing and electrofacies classification.
  • Permeability modeling using wireline logs, core and pressure data.
  • Saturation height modeling from core capillary pressure measurements and log evaluation results.
  • Formation pressure interpretation using wireline formation tester data.
  • Interpretation of conventional and special core analyses data.
  • Mud gas ratio analysis.
  • Integration of log, core, mud log, NMR and pressure test data.


Petrophysical evaluation - Integrated with NMR and core resultsOperations Petrophysics Support:

  • Design of effective logging and coring programs.
  • Support to drilling and geology teams for real-time operational decisions during wireline logging, coring and geo-steering.
  • Quick look evaluations and summary reports on key findings while drilling.
  • Out-of-hours operational cover during drilling.
  • QA/QC of acquired wireline and LWD data.


Petrophysical Training and Advisory Services:

  • Customized petrophysical training services at client’s offices.
  • Prospect screening studies for farm-in proposals and bid rounds.
  • Advisory services and mentorship.
  • Review of in-house and third party petrophysical evaluations.

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