I am a petrophysicist who is very passionate about data. In my over 11 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, I have discovered that some companies often sit on large amount of data which they don't have the time or expertise to adequately analyse.

These datasets will usually include 3D seismic volumes, gravity, magnetic, drilling, geological, core and petrophysical log data. These are sometimes interpreted as standalone projects without rigorous integration through data analytics.

With the recent global collapse in oil price, I'd expect that operators and service firms will become open to new and more efficient ways of understanding and characterizing petroleum reservoirs. Therefore, my overall objective is to develop sufficient data science skills which I can use to draw insight from these numerous datasets for optimal business solutions.

This blog will document practical tips in various petrophysics and geoscience topics including my journey through data science skills' acquisition, both from personal research and through online courses.

So, you are welcome to the petrophysics and data science learning centre!

Enjoy your visit and please do leave some comments.


Okechukwu Ossai