Assignment 4_DMV: Creating Graphs For Your Data

The final week assignment is about providing a visual representation of my data and findings using univariate and bivariate graphs.

Using different kinds of data visualization, I will attempt to answer some of the research questions below:

  • Is crater diameter associated with crater depth?
  • Do craters occur most often near the equator, the southern or northern hemisphere?
  • Does crater depth depend on crater location?
  • Does crater diameter vary with location in a well-defined pattern?

While attempting to answer these questions, it became obvious that the dataset required further cleaning to exclude additional ambiguous records. For example, all craters with zero number of ejecta layers were excluded in order to establish a clear relationship between crater depth and crater diameter. This final working dataset is called 'Fresh Uneroded Mars Craters'.


This week's solution blog includes;

  • Python codes
  • Several univariate graphs and scatter plots used to visualize selected variables

Click on each link below to view solutions to Week 4 assignment, including the full Python code and interpretation of individual graphs.

1. Python Data Analysis Code (Week 4): click here to view

2. Results and Interpretation (Week 4): click here to view

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