Assignment 4_DMV: Creating Graphs For Your Data

The final week assignment is about providing a visual representation of my data and findings using univariate and bivariate graphs.Using different kinds of data visualization, I will attempt to answer some of the research questions below:Is crater diameter associated with crater depth?Do craters occur most often near the equator, the southern or northern hemisphere?Does crater […]

Assignment 3_DMV: Making Data Management Decisions

Week 3 assignment involves making data management decisions for the variables chosen to answer my research questions. These data management decisions include removing invalid data, selecting subset working dataset or representative sample, creating secondary variables and binning or grouping continuous variables.There are 384,343 craters in the original Mars database. On inspection, I discovered that 10 […]

Assignment 2_DMV: Running Your First Program

In this second week assignment, I will be writing a program to run frequency distributions for 3 selected variables related to my research questions.Most of the Mars crater variables are continuous and would require a group frequency distribution. These continuous variables will be treated in Week 3 assignment.Therefore, I have chosen 3 discrete crater variables […]