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PetroSai Integrated Petroleum Services Ltd are independent petrophysics consultants who specialize in providing integrated formation evaluation services to oil and gas companies. With increasing fluctuations in oil price and easy-to-find petroleum plays already discovered, oil and gas operators have little margin for error. An unreliable petrophysical analysis could mean walking away from a big discovery or going ahead with an uneconomic field development. PetroSai petrophysics consultants have both the experience and insight to make the difference. We can help you reduce your portfolio risk by providing accurate reservoir description in support of your exploration and appraisal drilling programs and field development planning decisions.

  • Petrophysical results showing effective and total porosity

PetroSai adopts a consistent interpretation workflow, whether it is a single well analysis or multi-well studies. As a fully independent petrophysical consulting company, we are committed to working in the best interest of our clients. This allows us to provide unbiased common-sense solutions to your petrophysical problems. We offer three levels of formation evaluation services;

Petrophysics consultants - Results of the petrophysical analysis of a single wellPetrophysics Technical Consulting:

Looking for experienced petrophysics consultants? Need help characterizing your reservoirs? Old or modern log data? Simple or complex geology? No problem! We provide custom petrophysical solutions, ranging from quick-look evaluations to detailed multi-well integrated studies. Read More...

Petrophysical consultants - Real-time Petrophysics Support ServicesOperations Petrophysics Support:

Cost and time make all the difference. Do you require cost effective data acquisition program? Or real-time analysis for critical business decisions? Take advantage of our in depth pre-drill operations planning support and real-time evaluation services. Learn More...

Petrophysics Training Services - Offsite and Onsite  by consultant petrophysicistsTraining and Mentorship:

As the number of experienced petrophysicists continues to decline, the industry is facing a manpower crisis. We can fill this gap by providing fully customized mentorship and broad range of training solutions to your subsurface team. Details...


We don't ignore or dismiss conflicting subsurface data. We rather get to the root of the problem and offer a technical solution. We believe that every data counts. All available data are integrated to obtain robust petrophysical results. Interested in our integrated approach to formation evaluation?

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Our team of petrophysics consultants are dedicated and committed to providing quality interpretation to the highest standards. PetroSai has the depth and breadth of experience to deliver the best levels of service in the industry.

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We save you time and money. Whatever your challenges, we can help you work your assets and realise their full potential. Do you need quality petrophysical consulting services? We invite you to contact us to discover how we can be of assistance to your company. Join the growing list of our happy clients today.

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